Upcoming Projects & Build-To-Rent Refinancing

President Jim Jacobi with Parkland Communities and Parkland Residential joins the Atlanta Real Estate Radio podcast to discuss recent land development successes. Jacobi joins host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment and shares updates about build-to-rent refinancing and upcoming projects.

Before starting his first land and development company in 2005, Jacobi gained experience in land planning and engineering by working with local companies. In 2007, his company, JEH Homes, transitioned into home building and never turned back. In 2015, JEH Homes became one of the top 10 largest home builders locally.

After taking some time off, Jacobi started Alliance Planning and Engineering, handling engineering projects across Georgia. He also owns Parkland Communities and its two branches, Parkland Homes and Parkland Residential. Parkland Homes operates the for-sale properties and communities, while Parkland Residential oversees the rental communities. Jacobi and his team have worked diligently over the past 18 months to two years developing and creating new products, including 15 new communities coming soon.

Jacobi said, “We’re excited about our future and look forward to 2023!”

Embracing the build-to-rent approach, Parkland Communities has nine build-to-rent developments currently in the works – totaling approximately 1,000 units. With a plan to break ground before the end of the year, Sugarloaf Landing is a Parkland Residential build-to-rent community coming soon to Sugarloaf Parkway. Other Parkland Residential future projects include Sugarloaf Crest off Sugarloaf Parkway and Rainwater Park in Gwinnett County.

Jacobi said, “Build-to-rent is here to stay!”

In addition to the build-to-rent projects, Parkland Homes has six for-sale communities under development. Located in Gwinnett County, Windance Lake is off Beaver Road and South Gwinnett surrounded by beautiful land and picturesque horse farms. Windance Lake will feature a four-acre fishing lake for residents to enjoy. Another for-sale community in the works, Bennett Farm is located off Loganville Highway and Hoke O’Kelly Road.

Jacobi said, “Bringing obtainable housing, whether for sale or build-to-rent, is the number one mission for the company.”

Parkland Residential recently refinanced its Sweetwater Springs community to a ten-year Fannie Mae loan. This community becomes a permanent fixture in company’s portfolio. Jacobi and the Parkland Communities team continue to serve communities to create many beautiful projects to accompany Sweetwater Springs and others moving forward.